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Updated: Jul 22

We handcraft premium quality cocktails with 100% Australian made spirits and liqueurs, door delivery included.

Premium, handcrafted 100% Australian cocktails, with pure Australian ingredients

We take pride in serving not only top-grade cocktails, but also the best quality, pure ingredients we craft them with, supporting our very own local Australian distillers and businesses, which makes us one of the best cocktail shops near Sydney.

Take our very own in-house cocktail, Citrus in a Bottle as an example. Made from the freshest and tastiest citrus fruit from the farms of East Coast Beverages—an illustrious family-owned farm business on the Central Coast that has been producing for more than half a century top of the line fruits and juices, which elevates our cocktail’s flavour profile, with subtle nuances that are no less crucial in distinguishing the very best from the mediocre.

Why Genie in a Bottle

Our Mission

Based in Lisarow on the Central Coast, NSW, we pride ourselves on being a 100% Australian cocktail shop, and are passionate about providing a unique experience for cocktail connoisseurs like you with nothing less than premium handcrafted cocktails, door delivery included, that too with $0 shipping.

Premium handcrafted cocktails in NSW in collaboration with Australian distilleries

We offer premium handcrafted cocktails made with 100% Australian made spirits and liqueurs. It’s not all talk, we promise. We take our cocktails so seriously that even the coffee used for Espresso martini is made in Australia, hence doing our bit in supporting small as well as boutique distillers around Australia. Our suppliers include:

  1. Distillery Botanica: Established in 2007 by the legendary Philip Moore, who is known for eliciting the finest flavour from the plants for the spirits produced here.

  2. Echuca Distillery: Echuca prides itself in sourcing the purest water possible for its liqueur, owing to its state-of-the-art water filtration equipment. Quality is something that we will never compromise on.

  3. Imperial Measures Distilling: We pride ourselves in supporting a distiller that deservingly has Australian Gin Awards 2020 ‘Best In Class’ and Australian Gin Awards 2020 ‘Gold Medal’, among others to its name.

  4. Autonomy Distillery: They have applied the finest solutions for reducing their waste impact, whether it’s directly or indirectly - a cause that we 100% support and believe in.

  5. Ned Whiskey: They use only the finest Australian grain to mash and ferment, employing a patented method that blends the best of single malt production with sour mash processes. We are proud to support them in bringing this innovation to your table, in your cocktail glasses.

  6. White Possum: With innovative liqueurs up their sleeve like the Naked Amaretto it’s our honour to support this distillery whose core is the passionate taste testers that make its products nothing less than a delicious miracle.

  7. Mr Black: A pioneer in the coffee liqueur industry, this is another venture by Philip Moore and designer-coffee-connoisseur Tom Baker. The best quality and a reliable brand - the perfect recipe!

  8. Black Gate Distillery: A distillery that deploys the classic, traditional methods to distill rum and whiskey, hence imparting a rich flavour in them - something one simply can’t achieve otherwise.

Door delivered cocktails with free shipping in NSW

We are one of the very few online cocktail shops that offer quality cocktails, door delivered with absolutely free shipping.

Our cocktails are a gift that would be the star of any special event, be it birthday parties, weddings, dinner parties, or even garden parties.

They’re also ideal just as a gift to your special someone or to simply enjoy at home to refresh yourself after a long, tiring day at work!

Take your pick from our premium cocktail collection

Apart from the popular Espresso martini of course, we proudly offer 6 handcrafted cocktails not to be missed:

  1. Negroni: The classic cocktail made of one part Distillery Botanica 's gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part Imperial Measures Distilling Ruby Bitter. It’s best to have it as an aperitive.

  2. Amaretto Sour: A great choice for a cocktail that strikes the perfect balance between sour and sweet. Not to mention Autonomy Distilleries' Amaro which is the showstopper of this drink.

  3. Margarita: Probably the only cocktail with the most controversial origins, Margarita is a classic cocktail that’s worth the attention it receives. With the citrus sharpness of orange liqueur and lime juice complemented by the saltiness at the rim of its glass, this drink will surely revitalise your soul!

  4. Old Fashioned Rum: Black Gate Rum, orange bitters, and Crawley's Simple Syrup combine to create a rustic taste that words can’t explain.

  5. Old Fashioned Whiskey: A slightly bitter-sweet heavenly combination of Ned's whiskey, orange bitters, and Crawley's Simple Syrup. Priceless.

  6. Citrus in a Bottle: And here’s our very own citrus cocktail (seasonal) we have proudly concocted, especially for our cocktail connoisseurs, who will surely enjoy its unique sweet-and-tart flavour that leaves a refreshingly tangy aftertaste on your palette. Due to it's freshness, only available in selected bottle shops on the Central Coast.

Our Story

Born in 2021, Genie in a Bottle is the brainchild of its co-founders Lynn Fernandes and Jan Lienemann, with the idea of offering classic cocktails, handcrafted from 100% Australian spirits and liquors.

Lynn Fernandes

Lynn was not only the Operations Manager at “The Cowrie” fine dining restaurant but is also our co-founder and Director looking after public relations at Genie in a Bottle.

Lynn also travelled to Istanbul to work at the Paper Moon Restaurant, which reflects the culinary complexity of one of the most magnificent cities in the world at the union of Europe and Asia Minor. Dining at Paper Moon Istanbul was akin to entering a Scheherazade tale, combined with exotically spiced glasses of wine.

Jan Lienemann

Jan arrived on Australia's shores over 18 years ago. After nearly 10 years in Finance, Jan ventured off into the world of business startups.

For several years, Jan was deeply involved in the development and management of an educational nutrition business establishing close relationships with local farmers and food growers. This work set the foundation for his passion to provide quality products to Australians.

Founding Genie in a Bottle has been a lifelong dream for Jan and is his most fulfilling step he's taken in his career to date. He’s passionate about supporting Australian producers and distillers and providing customers with high end products that are truly unique in the market.

So, what are you waiting for?

​Come on over to our cocktail shop to taste the very best in cocktails. Don’t have the time? You can order cocktails of your choice online at no extra cost to you—that’s right, we will get the cocktails delivered to your doorstep at no shipping charges. Treat yourself to the best you deserve.

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