Handcrafted Australian Cocktails in a Bottle


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Lynn Fernandes is the former business, marketing and restaurant manager from Yellowtail, a fine dining and critically acclaimed restaurant on the Central Coast. Lynn has a lifetime of experience in successful ventures across the depth and breadth of the industry and overseas the company's expansion capitalising on Australian crafted spirits and liquors and advocate on behalf of these small distillers from across Australia.


The business introduces them to local customers here in Australia and beyond, with high quality and boutique 100% Australian owned and crafted artisan cocktails delivered to your door. The mixologists consulting with Genie in a Bottle have years of experience who have carefully designed our versions of some old favourites and some new cocktails for an intimate night in, to an extravagant event.


Lynn started out at a thriving family kebab shop in Five Dock from a young age and has three decades of experience across the breadth of the hospitality industry. Moving on, the family expanded to operating Casa Cordobes - an Italian restaurant in Darlinghurst which ran for many years during the heyday of Oxford Street. She managed Michelle's patisseries and then travelled to Istanbul to work at the Paper Moon Restaurant. This prestigious restaurant reflects the culinary complexity of one of the most magnificent cities in the world at the union of Europe and Asia Minor. Dining at Paper Moon Istanbul was akin to entering a Scheherazade tale. A feature was the exotic cuisine and guests sampled authentic Paper Moon flavours, combined with matched exotically spiced glasses of wine.


Upon her return to Australia, Lynn worked at the Rockfish Café and Paragon Hotel at the Rocks, and the renowned La Spaggia restaurant in Coogee. A sea change saw Lynn working at the Bells at Killcare Resort. When Lynn managed Yellowtail Restaurant, her diverse experience allowed sales to increase threefold. Lynn has now dedicated her passion into something which draws on the international flavour and diversity of her experience. She has found something little closer to her spirit. With a fearless heart and a characteristic obsession with quality, she is offering a connection to a unique collection of niche distillers from isolated areas around Australia, to put their artfully crafted spirits in peoples’ hands.

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Jan Lienemann arrived on Australia's shores over 18 years ago. After nearly 10 years in Finance, Jan ventured off into the world of business start ups.

Founding Genie in a Bottle has been a lifelong dream for Jan and is his most fulfilling step he's taken in his career to date.


He's  passionate about supporting Australian producers and distillers and providing customers with high end products that are truly unique in the market.

For several years, Jan was deeply involved in the development and management of an educational nutrition business establishing close relationships with local farmers and food growers. This work set the foundation for his passion to provide quality products to Australians.